1) The school library is open to all bonafide students of the school. All classes are provided with at least one library period per week.

2) The library is the intellectual store house of the school. Students must take full advantage and add to their store if knowledge.

3) All should see that that an atmosphere of silence and seriousness is observed in the library at all times.

4) Books and CD’s will be issued and returned only in library period.

5) Only one book and one CD will be issued at a time.

6) Books will be issued only for a week, otherwise fine of Rs. 5/- will be charged.

7) CD will be issued only for 2 days for classes 5th to 10th and students have to deposit Rs. 50/- for CD. In case of late submission of CD, students have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per day.

8) In case, the book or CD is lost, the student will have to pay the amount of book or CD as well as the fine.

9) Students should return the library books before 15 days of the examination. Those who will not return will not be allowed to sit in the examination.

10) No student shall damage or disfigure books of the library. The user shall have to replace such books damaged or make payment for the value thereof.

11) Students should satisfy themselves about the condition of the books before borrowing, or else they shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning.

12) The student who fails to return book on due date may not be lent any book as decided by the librarian.