St.Vincent Pallotti School Nashik Annual Report 2021-2022

Greetings to all in the name of St. Vincent Pallotti School Nashik.

1. Introduction

St. Vincent Pallotti School Nashik is in the 10th year of its inception. On this occasion, the school highlights its motto, ‘To Enlighten all,’ to thrust the emphasis on the vision and mission of the school. The students are given amble opportunities to enlighten themselves to become responsible global citizens with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a life-time learning experience. They should be self-motivated, independent, confident decision makers to take up a leadership roles in future. This report is the summary of what St. Vincent Pallotti School Nashik has achieved so far from the last academic year.

2. Highlights from the Academic Year 2020-21

Now, let us have a glimpse of the major events and activities occurred during the last academic year:
• Release of the First Annual School Magazine: The School brought out its first School Annual Magazine, nmely, JALLOSH. It was released by Most Rev. Bp. Lourdes Daniel, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese, Nashik on 24th November 2020.
• Virtual Annual Concert 2020-21: The School added another feather to its crown of glory with the celebration of Virtual Annual Concert, namely, PRAVAH: The Flow of Life. The concert was streamed through the School YouTube Channel in two parts for two days in the evening 7 pm. PART 1 was streamed on 8th March 2021 (Monday) and PART 2 on 9th March (Tuesday). The Chief Guest of the Annual Virtual Concert was Dr. Fr. Paul Chandrankunnel SAC, Vice Provincial & Director of St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur. The theme, PRAVAH: The Flow of Life was based on the present situation where everyone is called to live a life of caring and sharing. Even though pandemic challenged us, it opened numerous possibilities before us. What we need now is resilience to bounce back to the normal flow of life. The presentation was based on the story of Mrs. Pushpalata Deshmukh, a social activist. It was a tribute to womanhood as we were celebrating International Women’s Day on that day.
• Art-Craft-Science Exhibition: The Art-Craft-Science exhibition was organized on 28th February 2021. Rev. Fr. Arun Thomas, the Manager inaugurated the Exhibition. As the school was not attended by all the students, the exhibition was conducted for those interested students. Many students from different sections actively participated in the event. The whole event was later presented in the video form for all the students to view.
• The Proficiency Award Day: The School honoured the Proficiency Award Winners of the Academic Session 2019-20 on 20th March 2021. Rev. Fr. Justine John, the Manager of St. Thomas Malankara School, Nashik, was the Chief Guest of the day. The parents of all the students were also present to witness the event.

3. Board Exam Result 2020-21

The CBSE Board announced the results of class X on 5th August 2021. The first batch of students from St. Vincent Pallotti School Nashik came out with outstanding performance. From the total of 38 students appeared in the Exam, 10 students got 90% and above, 8 students got more than 80% and the result of the School was 100%. Mst. Prince Badrinath Yadav topped the Merit List. The School Management, Staff and PTA congratulated all the students for the hard work and dedication they showed during the Covid 19 pandemic.

4. Major Events and Activities of the Year 2021-22

Even though covid-19 pandemic has affected the school functioning, the school began its journey of the session 2021-22 on 21st June 2021.
• Online Academics: The school continued online classes for the new batches of IX & X from 1st of April 2021 and classes for all other students (Nursery to VIII) from 21st May 2021. Online live classes were organised in different slots. Middle and Secondary School sections had their live classes from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.; for Primary, live classes from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and for Pre-primary from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. This shift of time was arranged to solve the problem of unavailability of Mobile Phone for the siblings in the same house.
• First General Meeting of PTA and Formation of EPTA: The first General Meetings of PTA for the session 2021-22 was held class wise under the supervision Supervisors and Class Teachers from 5th to 13th July 2021. The first meeting of the selected PTA members was held on Saturday, 17th July 2021 and formed the Executive Committee of PTA (EPTA) on the same day. Mr. Jaideep Dinkar Jadhav was selected as the new PTA Vice-Chairperson.
• Newcomer’s Day: The School organized the Newcomer’s Day on 3rd July 2021 and welcomed the new teachers and students. The purpose of the day was to make every newcomer feel connected with the Pallottine family.
• Reading Week 2021: The literary club of St. Vincent Pallotti School organized ‘Laurel Literaria – a week dedicated to reading’ for classes Nursery to 9th from September 6th to 13th. This year literary club celebrated the ‘Reading Week’ with various activities. The main objective behind the celebration was to mark the importance of reading in students’ life and inculcate the reading habit in them. This activity envisioned the CBSE Reading Mission 2021-2023 launched on 20th September 2021.
• Rashtriya Poshan Maah: The science club of the School organized Rashtriya Poshan Maah under tittle, ‘Health Awareness Week’ from 22nd September 2021. The health awareness programme included the seminars of the expert doctors, sessions by teachers, class activities, and experience sharing of the students, competitions and quizzes. It was a great event participated by the teachers, students, parents and well-wishers. The school also initiated a few SNGs (School Nutrition Gardens) to promote this venture.

5. Upcoming Major Events:

 Physical Classes for VIII, IX & X (11th October)
 Term 1 CBSE Board Exam for X (In November)
 Pallotti Knowledge Hunt (Competitive Exam) (In November)
 Decade Anniversary Celebration (In December)
 Pallotti Family Day (In January)
 Exhibition (In February)

6. Innovations:

• Online Remedial Classes: Online Remedial Classes, other than the school hours, are organized for the very weak students and those students who had not attended the online schooling last year.
• Student Teacher Interaction (STI): Student Teacher Interaction is organized for all the classes from Nursery to X. Students are called to the school slot wise. A special procedure is devised to make the STI interesting for students and parents.
• WhatsApp Groups for Motivation: School has come out with an initiative of creating WhatsApp Groups for the secondary students and for all the teachers to motivate them on a regular basis. This initiative began during the lockdown period last year. Inspiring and motivational messages, songs, videos, articles, etc. are sent to the group every day in the morning.
• Trainings for Students: A week long online and offline trainings are organized for students to instil in them habits that are necessary to overcome the huddles laid by the covid 19 scenario. These trainings help them to develop their study habits as well. This year the online training for class X was on the topic, ‘The 7 habits of highly effective students.’
• Holiday & Its Importance: The school celebrates important national, cultural and religious festivals. There are many other holidays that are not celebrated by the school. This year the school began a practice of sending information regarding the holiday in the form of messages, videos and pictures on the day of that holiday.
• Benefactors for Students: Covid 19 scenario brought financial burden to many our parents. They began to think that a good education for their ward was far beyond their reach. It is to help these parents and students and add many more well-wishers to the Pallottine Family, the school initiated ‘Find a Benefactor’ project. All the staff was given an open invitation find a benefactor for the students. Last academic year, the school was able to find benefactors for 22 students. We hope to get many more well-wishers this year too.

7. Socio-Charitable Works

Pallotti School is giving 50 % concession in Tuition Fee to the single parent students, those coming from economically poor families and students belonging to the neighbourhood villages. This year the school slashed 15% of Term Fee for every student of the school.

8. Local Managing Committee (LMC)

The School Managing Committee at Nashik consists of three members. They are Fr. Arun Thomas (Manager), Fr. Shine Augustine (Principal), Fr. Kuriakose (Director of Pallotti Dham) and Fr. Antony Roswan (Local Rector). Meetings are held at regular intervals to review the activities of the school. LMC provides a strong support in the school administration. The major decisions are first taken by the LMC and then they are executed with the approval of the Provincial council.

9. Students Soft Skill Development Programmes:

  1. Uma Bhachav and team guide the students in the areas of academic achievement, personal or social development and career development by ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.
  2. School organise medical health check-up camp for all the students every year. A team of doctors, headed by Dr. Devendra Kavathalkar, from Sarthak Hospital, Nashik conduct the camp which include General Physical examinations.
  3. Rajendra Patil and Dr. Preeti Rajendra Patil from Nashik conduct sessions on Sex Education for teenagers.

10. Conclusion

As we conclude the report, we bow our head in reverence to the Almighty God for the blessings He has showered upon this institution. All these achievements were possible because of the commitment of the management, teaching and non-teaching staff, students, parents, benefactors and well-wishers. We express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have been with us in this journey of achievement and for their continuous support and co-operation.
We conclude this report by entrusting our school to the divine hands of St. Vincent Pallotti, our patron and Mary Queen of the Apostles, our Patroness and by invoking their prayers for the journey ahead.

Fr. Shine Augustine SAC
St. Vincent Pallotti School, Nashik.